About Us

Pringgle Media is a Malaysia-based company focused on bringing intuitive and easy-to-use applications to the exciting iPhone and iPod touch computing platform. We make it a point to focus on the details and quality.

If you've got a specific question about our products, we encourage you to visit the product pages on our website. If your question is not covered there, please feel free to contact us.


Waihon Yew, Founder & Chief Software Engineer

Waihon Yew founded Pringgle Media in 2009. Waihon's true passion as a software engineer is to design and build application that is functional, intuitive and easy to use. Prior to Pringgle Media, Waihon has been a lead developer and application architect at Prudential Services Asia, working on the implementation of a new regional life insurance system.

Waihon holds a bachelors degree in Mathematics and Computer from University Technology of Malaysia.