Submitted iWorry and iWorry Lite 1.0.1 to Apple for Review

We've just submitted version 1.0.1 of both iWorry and iWorry Lite to Apple for their review.

The following are the changes we made to iWorry and iWorry Lite:

  • Connect to Twitter using OAuth instead of Basic Auth which has been deprecated.
  • Single-line text fields now have clear buttons while in editing mode.
  • Worry time is defaulted to current time rounded up to nearest 5 minutes so that it is in sync with date picker.
  • Added Rate This App that links to product page on the iTunes App Store.
  • Added app name and version number to Info screen.
  • Added support for iAd (iWorry Lite).
  • Fixed Reset iWorry and Reset iWorry Lite that crashes under certain conditions.
  • Fixed displaying of Worries screen upon relaunching of iWorry Lite when the worry time is not yet reached.

As soon as Apple has reviewed and approved version 1.0.1, we'll release it to the public. Existing users of iWorry and iWorry Lite can get free update via mobile App Store or desktop iTunes.

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